Ray County Land Title, LLC

NOTE:  Please refer to the Rate Sheet for the amounts of theTitle

Insurance Premiums,Title Service Fee, the combined costs and

further costs applicable to a transaction.  For any amounts

that are not represented on the Rate Sheet, please contact

us to assist you further.


For Loan Policies issued simultaneously with Owner's

Policies, and not exceeding the purchase price,

the amount will be $250.00.

For Policies over $300,000.00, a quote will be given upon request.



The charges listed above reflect normal transaction requests. 


Any transactions which may require more than one

chain of title or are of extraordinary risk or commercial transactions,

we reserve the right to make additional charges.

Below are the fees associated with a normal transaction and
may be subject to change.

Fees:                                        Recording Fees:

Buyers $375.00                        $24.00 First page and
Sellers: $250.00                        $3.00 each additional page       
Email $25.00
Overnight $50.00 per pkg             
CPL $25.00