Ray County Land Title, LLC

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Welcome to Ray County Land Title, LLC, we are a full service title company, able to handle a wide variety of real estate needs.  Since our inception, originally an abstract company in the early 1940's, has transitioned to a state of the art issuing agent for leading Title Insurance Companies.  

The most frequent question asked is "What is Title Insurance?"


Title insurance guarantees that the seller has legal and "marketable" title to the real property which is being transfered. A title search is performed to reveal, among other things, any liens or claims against the property and ascertain that the seller had good and clear title to the property. The policy will protect the purchaser and lender from any defects in the title. The owner's policy will be good as long as the purchaser owns the property with no additional premiums. It covers events or circumstances that happened in the past, before the buyer took title to the property.